02 March 2017 09:00 - 04 March 2017 17:00

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Bengaluru, India

The IoT market in the country is currently highly fragmented and scattered. The drivers and technology solution (hardware, middleware and software) are based on real opportunities, which are rooted in the expansive reach that IoT will need to have to fulfil the expectations that it has set.

The most difficult as well as the first major challenge is the various standards. They pose tangible and high barriers,considering the requirement of interoperability of disparate devices for IoT success. In other words, the industry must come to an agreement on IoT standards for devices, for interoperability protocols, and essentially, the data transfer security.

Confusion in communication standards is not conducive for market acceptance of new applications. Clarity in these standards is the key for the market to grow. There are lots of predictions for the exploding size of this market but unless there is a greater attempt to come together and work together, the big IoT boom may have to wait a little longer.

To bring about a truly interconnected and tangible beginning for IoT is what the aims to drive. As a part of India Electronics Week, is an attempt to bring together all the stakeholders of the IoT industry and see how they can align together to make this dream a near future reality. The first edition of the event rightfully won the People’s ChoiceAward for the world’s #1 IoT conference and exposition!

While the exposition floor will have exciting IoT products/services on display, the conference will give you invaluable insights into developing practical IoT applications, to help you make IoT a reality for your business. It will feature a summit for IoT solution providers to showcase case studies to IoT customers, as well as a technical conference for IoT developers on the latest technologies and techniques.


Technical conference for systems integrators of IoT solutions and CXOs who want to implement IoT

Technical conference for engineers working ondesigning IoT solutions

Conference on securitystandardisation and analytics

Presentations of success stories of IoT implementations for end customers

The million dollar opportunity in IoT

The exposition hall to check out the latest IoT offerings from our exhibitors

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